The Band-Aid after the Suicide

And all the dolls held their cheeks and said,
“How could one so elegant so tragically drop?”
The church bells belched out their grief,
though in life this girl howled as a lone wolf.

Gossip spread like jelly upon toast;
the juiciest theory must be found, not lost,
and by all human means, with poise,
do not stretch a pearl, do not step in the gutter.

The newspaper peeled her like an onion,
and the editor attempted to fill her shoes –
All he could feel on his body were her breasts.
He scurried to Band-Aid the story.

Amanda Tumminaro lives in the U.S. She is a poet and short story writer and her work has been featured in The Write Launch, The Radvocate, and Cottonwood, among others. Her first poetry chapbook, “The Flying Onion”, will be released through The Paragon Journal in April of 2018.