Hey God, I got something on my mind.
Why create all these paradoxes that I can’t figure out?
The paradox of how I will get an internship for experience
But I can’t get one without experience.
Or why when people speak out against intolerance
They are pegged as being intolerant towards the intolerant view.
Or how gender is supposed to determine something about me,
But it’s not real.
Maybe the one where the more I try to learn
The more I realize I won’t ever be able to learn anything.
When I have a million choices,
But I know that because I have so many, I’m never going to be satisfied with any.
The paradox where the only time I feel consistent
Is when I change.
Or the best one,
When a man is trying to tell me how to feel
As a woman, and his words of an experience he has never had are valued over mine.
It makes my blood boil and my heart
Crash into the cavity of my chest, these paradoxes.
But, despite what I just said,
I hope this doesn’t help you,
That I handle it pretty well.


Kyra Hill is currently a college student and writer, awaiting admission to graduate school. She is fond of odes and climbing boulders, as well as writing odes to boulders. She also loves threatening to fight people despite never having fought a person.