I Was Called Mary

I ate a Madonna Lily
I heard it grows better in the dark
I’d hoped its white light would filter through my blood  
Cast out the impure
I was called Mary once too
Not the blessed - not the mother - certainly not the virgin
But Mary the friend   Mary the follower    Mary the misunderstood
It got harder to hide my sprouting
A paper cut resulting in spilled petals on the desk
I started to become self-conscious of these growing buds
When I laughed bits of pollen spewed out
I could not hide my transformation much longer
My skin began to soften like crushed velvet
I did not posses the thorns prick, nor did I care to 

Growing up is like building a house
I’m quite proud of where I’m standing
But I’m not ready to give tours of the plumbing 

Hannah Wagner is a resident of Salem, Massachusetts (and yes, we really are all witches). She is a very active artist and can be seen performing, reading, and creating at many venues across the north shore. Her work is influenced by such great thinkers as Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. She attributes her ability to write at all to The Artists Way by Julia Cameron.