We all begin the same:
As a plain sheet of paper.

But when we are all made,
We are made at different paces;

Some will have little legs
Without a full, filled-in face,

Others will have brilliant beaks
And underdeveloped, funky feet.

Some will have textured tails
And trunks that freely flail,

Others will have elegant ears
And a silhouette that’s not quite clear.
And though we may not all grow to have wings,
We are all made to be beautiful things.

Kalyn Maria is seventeen years old, and is eager for her voice to be heard. She has found an interest in writing poetry, and has discovered that it is a way for her to make sense of the world around her. She writes many poems about the complications of love, and about the things in life that peak her interest and curiosity. She has been published twice when she was fifteen in Heart and Mind Zine and The Magnolia Review, and continues to look for more opportunities to share her work.