Argument for Hedonism

Don’t be afraid to be crazy
Be afraid to be sane
Let visions swirl and words slur
But do not play their game:

There are 7 billion people in this world
Don’t pretend as if you care
How each one thinks, how each one feels
How each one will soon fare

Bathe and bask in your alcohol
Drink your vodka and your wine
Don’t conform to this oblique society
Don’t profess to know the time

If solitude is sultry
And isolation is a gift
Then to hell with those around you-
Feel free to let them drift 

And if you want to feel, then feel-
Cut and scream and hurt
Immerse yourself in nature
Throw yourself upon the dirt 

For what’s the point of living
If you can’t do as you please
And must dither with nuances and niceties
And living on your knees 

We’ve each only got 80 years, my friend
Let’s use them and use them well
For no matter the choices we make, we’ll all die
And then we’ll all meet in hell.

Geeta Minocha is a candidate for a B.S. in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. In addition to blogging for The Huffington Post, Geeta is extremely politically active and is an advocate for autism rights. She is the founder and Executive Director of Kids In Special Situations, or KISS, a nonprofit dedicated to helping special needs students improve their social interactions (