Postfeminist Halloween Party

How does one dress, postfeminist, as Little Red Riding Hood?
           Should she move confident among the crowd, her blood red
           plastic cup spilling over with brew,  unafraid to wear whatever
           she wants? Does she desire hungry eyes on her skirt, 
           fishnet stockings, stilettos, tight red half shirt?
           Is she no longer obedient, eager to please
           her ailing grandma with baskets of baked goods? 
Or does she walk past racks at the Halloween shop
           beckoning her to succumb to trends? Does she
           fashion a shawl, button up her form, 
           force eyes to face her gaze instead?
Who is Red Riding Hood at this party?
           A wolf, part of the pack, a huntress in the night
           programmed to think she will accept nothing less?
And might this mean she is even more lost in the woods?

Brenda Nicholas has recently earned her MFA at UNCW in poetry. Her work has appeared in The Painted Bride Quarterly, Rumble, Micro Fiction Magazine, Main Channel Voices, Red River Review, Illya’s Honey, Menacing Hedge, and The Helix Magazine. She lives in Austin, TX and teaches English courses at Temple College.