Submission Dates

Submissions are currently closed.

Half of all $3 Late Submission fees will be donated to the ACLU!

Due to the frequently large volume of submissions and our limited publication space sometimes we may close submissions early. All dates are NOT final and are subject to change.

General Information

The Broke Bohemian acquires first electronic rights and nonexclusive permission to retain the piece in our online archives. Reprint rights and all other applicable rights revert to the author upon publication. There is no payment for publication in The Broke Bohemian, but we do our best to stay in touch and promote your other writing projects.


1. Submissions should be works of short fiction, prose, essays, flash, micro-fiction, poetry or images. Submissions must be unpublished, original work. Upload your submission as a single file. Please only send one submission per category. More than one will not be considered for publication. It must include a third-person writer bio, 300 words maximum. It should be, within reason, as follows:

  • Poetry: Three poems max 
  • Images: Three pieces max, files should be less than 5 MB in size. If more than one, please submit as a .zip folder.
  • Flash/Micro: Up to 500 words
  • Prose/Essays/Short Fiction: Should be 2,000 words or fewer

2. You may choose to send one or more of the following pieces of biological information for consideration to be included with your work: a personal photo (less than 400 kilobytes in size), your personal website, or links to your social media.

3. Writings can be submitted in the following: .doc, .docx, .pdf. Photography/Digital Artwork should be submitted in the following: .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .zip

4. Simultaneous submissions are accepted as long as the submitter notifies us IMMEDIATELY upon their work being accepted elsewhere. There is no assurance we will know it is withdrawn unless you withdraw it directly by emailing us.

5. You are granting us first time North American serial rights, ensuring that the piece has not previously appeared in print or online. After publication, rights revert back to you. We retain anthology rights in the event that we publish a physical collection. We ask that you give due credit if the poem shows up in a chapbook or any other collection. 

6. No submitting written work via email or a file transfer service unless requested. Please use the link to our form at the bottom of this page. Due to time constraints, physical submissions via regular mail will NOT be considered for inclusion unless requested.

7. Send all editorial correspondences to, or through our contact page. 

8. Please only send CLEAN COPY. We do not edit copy. This means it should be polished, spellchecked, and formatted properly. Standard font, size 12, 1-inch margins, and single spaced. If it is accepted for publication, it appears letter-for-letter as submitted. Small exceptions may be made if needed. We reserve the right to format copy to our layout standards. Don't send us anything that is wholly dependent on font sizes or other formatting tricks; we're not tech wizards and there's a very likely chance we'll mess it up anyways.

Please also note that due to tight deadline and printing timelines, revisions may not be possible after a work is accepted. Therefore, please only submit works you're fully confident in having published. All who are interested in submitting may do so using The Broke Bohemian's submission form.

We routinely promote calls for submission through New Pages, an excellent resource for a very large variety of literary journals and publications. We appreciate their support.