The Facebook

Look at me! So special and important.
Have you heard my friend Ted is a drunk and closet impotent?
No? Well log in and find out, the photos are all there,
To show you the life that he wants without stares.

How’s your ex’s pet dog doing?
Where’s your secret lover going?
How much drinking can one’s friend do?
And is it any wonder they’re all failing school?

Wall post, message, poke and tag,
Now all your friends will know you’re no drag.
Post a picture, pose real nice,
Slit your shirt, almost there, add more booze, yes, entice.

Don’t worry about the future,
There’s plenty of time for that.
Think only about your college adventure,
Stay warm in your “no consequence” habitat.

The clock ticks on as you waste the day;
So, you tell me your best friend turned out to be gay?
Brad changed his picture, and Audrey updated her activities,
And Terry’s arrest went fairly civilly.  
The Police said that he was drinking illegally,
Hope they take care of his trial speedily

I just made more friends,
Won’t you check on my status?
You might be beside me,
But get on and add this.

I want you to know that we’re best friends for life,
But the space in my top eight now goes to my wife.
And I think time has come for us both to have words,
Some pictures you posted have me flipping the bird.

You think I have time in this world to appease,
Anyone else but the friends I don’t see?
They’re obviously important; we’re friends to the end.
That’s why there’s Facebook, I don’t have to see them.

Chad W. Lutz was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1986 and raised in the neighboring suburb of Stow. A 2008 graduate of Kent State University's English program, Chad is an athlete with a writing problem, attending Mills College in pursuit of an MFA in Creative Writing. His writing has been featured in Diverse Voices Quarterly, Kind of a Hurricane Press, Haunted Waters Press, and Sheepshead Review. Chad runs competitively, recently taking second overall at the 2 Cities Marathon in Fresno, November 2016. He aspires to qualify for the Olympic Trials.