Martians Should Land Here Because I'm Already Terrified

For example if there is life on Mars they could have
A completely unrecognizable cognitive schema
In which they don’t even know what being lonely is like
Because they have developed technologically, or biologically
The necessary relationship to existence that
Humans do not have because
We are built of sentiments hardwired for deep loss 

For example the Martians might never
Cry. They might never feel terror that
Circumstance is against them. They might
Never stargaze, or die, or speculate.

For example, the Martians land here
And nothing seems sensible
And they restructure the whole world
And they are not incorrect, they are just
Confused, and we are confused, and
They learn the same language but that’s never been
Enough for anyone before anyways
And it hasn’t stopped this feeling either.

Joe Marchia is the author of the poetry chapbooks Like Movies (2015), and i will sit on the sidewalk i am not joking (2016).