I Am A Mother

I am a mother.
God help me.
May my son be a revolutionary.
I am a mother
in America.
May our children know what is liberty.

 Freedom is ours to keep
synagogue, in a mosque or
stars in the sky.
We are the same in heart and
when freedom's lost I will not stand by.
I've cried the tears of brothers who could not breathe
and Aleppo's babies.
I cannot sleep because
I see clear what's coming.
History tells me.

 I am a mother.
God help me.
Oh may our sons and daughters truly be free.
I am a mother
in America
May our children have voices to speak.

 If you destroy our peace
don't be surprised, we are redwood trees.
These roots are so deep-
No poison has the strength to reach.
If one should fall, it's certain you'll hear
the forest's primal scream
with deafening

 I am a mother.
God help me.
You'll never silence our
calls for liberty.
We are transcending.
We don't fuck around.
We shape this world and-
We will not back down.

Holly Anne Micale is a park ranger. She lives and works in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.