I am so very tired
I just want some rest
I’m falling asleep at my table
Certainly not at my best

Class will prove to be boring
I’ll fight to stay awake
My eyes must stay open
My grade here is at stake

Class ends, I’ll rush on home
Happily reunited with my bed
Never am I happier
Than when dreams dance in my head

My brain is in nowhereland
I am lost in the sky
Hours tick away
When it seems only minutes pass by

Alarms blare, I’m zapped back
My fatigue has been mended
Back to reality it seems
My peaceful bliss has ended

But I will be back soon
Of this I am readily sure
Merely 12 hours more
Is all I have to endure

Tyler Chatfield Tveit is a large twentysomething man. A native of Washington state and a resident of Los Angeles. He is a knowledgeable Eagle Scout and member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at University of Washington. He enjoys sandwiches of various fillings, pizzas of various toppings and cakes of various frostings. He also enjoys various intoxicants and telling dick jokes to crowds of indifferent drunkards.