I'd Rather

I’d rather be watching football
I wanna lounge in front of the game
This class is bringing me down
My classmates are kinda lame

I’d rather be out camping
Sleep under the starry sky
This room's fluorescent lights
Make me want to cry

I’d rather be asleep in bed
Just snoring the night away
A man needs to recharge
After sitting in class all day

I’d rather be saving Zelda
Or killing Nazis galore
But I have a mountain of homework
A massive fucking bore

A million things I’d rather do
A million places I want to see
But now I have  future to build
So I’m right where I need to be

Tyler Chatfield Tveit is a large twentysomething man. A native of Washington state and a resident of Los Angeles. He is a knowledgeable Eagle Scout and member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at University of Washington. He enjoys sandwiches of various fillings, pizzas of various toppings and cakes of various frostings. He also enjoys various intoxicants and telling dick jokes to crowds of indifferent drunkards.