I Thought I'd Know By Now

At two weeks
before twenty-two I feel
like I’m living in
a different body,
my face softer,
my mother in the mirror.
I go through all the motions,
my tallest five foot three reaching
to pull a pasta box
from the kitchen cupboard,
my numbest human form
pouring hard noodles
into a burbling pot.
I delight in the music
of tumbling pieces splashing
into the water.
I stir the starch away,
smile in front of the stove.
I thought I’d know
by now
who I am,
but here,
stirring steam,
I have transformed
into something else entirely,
by the damp heat.

As for me, I am a pink-haired poet who lives for the first snowfalls of winter and the second cup of coffee of the morning. I am a game designer, cartoonist, and protector of bees. Learning is my passion and I try to write myself through the process. My art, poetry included, documents my exploration of this weird and exciting world I’ve found myself in. My work has been published in The Ladybroad Ledger, Crab Fat Magazine, Willard and Maple, and Gambling the Aisle. My work can be found at mdecapua.wix.com.