What defines masculinity?
Is it looking uncomfortably at me while shopping for clothes,
terrified that someone will think you care about style
and that, in turn, must also make you attracted to other men?
And that’s the worst thing to be, right?

What are you mad about today?
Are you angry that when
women get angry
people get annoyed and
when men get angry
people get serious? Scared?

Do I wish that I had the power to evoke fear
genuine fear
in my fellow man?
Am I angry that the phrase “fellow man” is what is acceptable?

I’m angry that these words
won’t amount to anything
I’m angry that I have to wonder
if they would somehow have more power
by a man’s pen

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Elisabeth Walt Reynolds is an unpublished hobby-writer, born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina, near Asheville. Themes of nature, mundanities and qualities of timelessness are some things that fascinate her and are facets that she attempts to explore in her poetic work. She recently graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Linguistics and a completed thesis of original poetry, which was granted Honors. She now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, along the coast.