Fool's Gold

Fool’s Gold is the name of this game.
The game you think is true.
But you don’t play this game.
No. This game plays you.
The game is rigged. It can’t be won.
You’ve already lost before it’s even begun.
Work. Buy. Consume. Die
Creed of the Material World.
For every man, woman, boy and girl.
Making money at another’s expense.
Might make dollars.
But it doesn’t make sense.
We can bet against our fellow man.
And keep our heads buried in the sand.
Because money is the currency of fear.
We fear not having it.
We fear losing it.
All the while never choosing it.
Work. Buy. Consume. Die
From the cradle to the grave.
Are you the master of your money?
Or are you its slave?


Chris Warren Smith has been a featured writer for Steve Arnston, Gina Goldblatt, Paul Corman Roberts, Bay Area Generations and Charise Sowells Malouf (Lake Lady). He has hosted the Naked Bulb Literary series for Missy Church. He has been published in the Oakland Review, and East Fork Press. His first kid's book: A Tennis Lesson can be found in the Magic Blox children's library. You can find more of his writing at his blog on