What if the music is only in our heads.

What if Mom says you must love family because they are your blood, and
            blood is reason enough.

What if your relative has a bunker of ammo for when libtards come to get his guns, and
            it’s true that giving everyone, sane or otherwise, a gun will deter violence.

What if the neighbors don’t vaccinate their kids because if vaccines work, then
            you have nothing to worry about, and, besides,
            epidemiology, like climate, is a hoax.

What if God created heaven and earth, and
            He hates homos because
            gays want to turn others homo, and
            God’s true children need to rid the world of fags.

What if black lives don’t matter, and
            the rich earned their billions because they worked for every penny, and
            people on welfare are cheaters, and
            poor people are lazy as hell, and
            women are inferior to men, and
            they all need to learn to mind their betters.

What if Internet hopes and prayers work, and
            poetry’s a waste of time, and
            the world cannot have too many people, and
            numbers lie because mathematicians are in league with the devil, and
            fate controls everything, and
            everything happens for a reason, and
            you can’t change people’s minds

Because teachers made your brain get grumpy, and glutins made your ass go lumpy.

Plus those blasted rednecks ate all the meatballs.

But what if everything you think is wrong.


What if everything is right, and God is just, and
five men own as much as half the world’s population, 
as five men do now,

or two men own two-thirds, or

one Man owns everything, and
            poor people drop dead from sloth, and
            meat-eaters choke from gluttony, and
            gun haters perish from Second Amendment indignation, and
            gun lovers kick the bucket from hubris, and
            immigrants drown from covetousness, and
            bankers gag from greed, and
            libertines hemorrhage from lust, and
            conservatives expire of extremism, and
            snowflakes melt from progressive retardedness, and
            minorities suffocate from uppity arrogance, and
            fags die of sheer queer perversity, and
            everyone else croaks of indifference, and

God is great and karma is real and everything happens for a reason, and
the one Man remaining on Earth looks over all He has made, and
He sees that it is very good.


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Robert D. Kirvel, a Ph.D. in neuropsychology, is a Pushcart Prize (twice) and Best of the Net nominee for fiction. Awards include the Chautauqua 2017 Editor’s Prize, the 2016 Fulton Prize for the Short Story, and a 2015 ArtPrize for creative nonfiction. He has published in the UK, New Zealand, and Germany; in translation and anthologies; and in a score of U.S. literary journals, such as Arts & Letters. A collection of 22 interrelated stories, Predisposed, is slated for publication in London during 2018. Most of his literary works are linked at https://twitter.com/Rkirvel.