Amelia's Bones

He places a gloriously worn and old,
rumpled army-green duffle bag,
carrying beautiful mysteries,
filled with delicate treasures,
and the priceless gems of another era.
This unassuming,
and equally rumpled scholar,
clutching his moderate satchel
brings the answers famed explorers,
historians, and weathered anthropologists
have traversed the world for.
Canvas conceals the prettiest,
dusty bones of an airborne princess,
laden with promise of stories to unravel.

Unfastening the pouch carefully,
loosening the leather laces,
and resetting his spectacles to the bridge
of his well-educated nose,
the scholar with Indiana Jones heart,
and midwestern values,
slowly begins to unroll the ashen,
fragile pieces wrapped in cotton batting.
Laying each piece North to South
on another cloth, atop a clean, metal tray,
with measurements, he barely breathes
as he assesses the lovely attributes
of the tibia and humerus, scaffolding
for the once skillful structure of her famed,
competent steering. The aging professor
treats these bones with the care
he had used to tend his personal library.
Like his prized books, these bones,
although dusty, and long since used,
were vital. Laid spine to spine,
the markers of glory days and hard work,
symbolic of trials and triumphs
were her parched skeletal parts, and cartilage.
These bones, like his texts,
hold numerous stories of thought,
science, courage, life,
and her unbridled enthusiasm
to explore, to soar on adventures yet
untold. The slender stems of ossein,
and pale, hard tissue were, perhaps,
the compass of our sky-eyed
Amelia Earhart, bold and true,
once lost and without direction,
now safely home, again.

Kathleen A. Lawrence has had poems published in Rattle (Poets Respond), Star*Line, Eye to the Telescope, Scryptic, Silver Birch Press, haikuniverse, Silver Blade Magazine, Altered Reality Magazine, Undertow Tanka Review, Silver Blade Magazine, New Verse News, and Proud to Be: Writing by American Warriors, among others. Recently her poem, "Just Rosie" was nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize and a 2018 Rhysling Award. Her poem "Vampirette" was also nominated for a Rhysling Award.