Tyler Martin Pursch is a Washingtonian poet and short story writer with work in The Conium Review, Jazz Cigarette Magazine and Meat for Tea Magazine. He thanks his daring friends for taking on this Bohemian journey, and hopes to give a voice to many yet-unknown artists. He is a scenic builder for the theatre and a member of the infamous, underground, Pacific Northwest writing group, The Post Script. Read his interview with Kalaage here!


Managing Editor

Tyler Chatfield Tveit is a large twentysomething man. A native of Washington state and a resident of Los Angeles. He is a knowledgeable Eagle Scout and member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at University of Washington. He enjoys sandwiches of various fillings, pizzas of various toppings and cakes of various frostings. He also enjoys various intoxicants and telling dick jokes to crowds of indifferent drunkards.

IT Director

Isbey started SpiceCo. Productions in his mom's basement when he was 16 years old. It has grown to be the most trusted videography company in the greater Spokane area. Isbey built his first server at eighteen, and continues to design a few websites in his spare time. He has had an impact in many fields including medicine, law, the global system for mobile communications, food service, and the oil industry. He is also a huge advocate for the Oxford comma.


Copy Consultant

Andrew Arter is a valued member of The Bohemian, and an avid reader. He earned his Eagles in Scouts and has been a stage manager for multiple theatre productions. He has a beard on his face that is beardly. His adopted dog friend, Boyde, is the apple of his eye. He is just an average guy people describe as "who?" One of Andrew's favorite fiction series is His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, as he shares many fond memories of bonding with his sister over the experience.