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An affordable critique from
The Broke Bohemian

General Information

Our BroBo Edit service is designed to give writers, aspiring or seasoned, an opportunity to receive constructive criticism on their work. We believe when it comes to improving the nuances of your writing, a second set of eyes can be invaluable. The critique is a thorough, honest analysis of your piece. You can expect extensive comments that details first impressions of the piece at hand, as well as line edits alongside your paragraphs or poems detailing the weaknesses of the work. It notes what is working as well as providing suggestions and strategies for revisions.


Poetry: $5 per poem (up to three poems)

Short Fiction/Flash/Micro/Prose: $10

Please adhere to the guidelines below before submitting your work for review. Writing that is sent to us outside the realm of our guidelines will not be considered for review. Exceptions will not be made.

All payments are non-refundable.

The BroBo Editing Service uses PayPal for all transactions.

Half of each payment will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of The Broke Bohemian at the release of each new edition. Please visit our donation page for more information on our work with the ACLU!

Response Times

All responses will be sent out via email between the day you submit and the week of our publication's forthcoming release. We are reviewing and editing all work in this time period. 

An experienced critiquer will be matched with your genre, and we will always strive to have as many of our editors give feedback on a piece as possible. The more eyes on a piece, the more diverse of a critique you can expect. However, we cannot guarantee that all of our staff members will be able to give input on each piece.


1. Pieces seeking to be critiqued and reviewed should be works of short fiction, prose, essays, flash, micro-fiction, or poetry. They must be unpublished, original work. We are not accepting imagery for the BroBo Edit at this time. Upload your submission as a single file. It should be, within reason, as follows:

  • Poetry: Three poems max 
  • Flash/Micro: Up to 500 words
  • Prose/Essays/Short Fiction: Should be 2,000 words or fewer

2. Writings can be submitted in the following: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .odt.

3. If there are aspects of the piece you'd like a focused analysis of (characterization, voice, line breaks, movement, etc), please state it in the header of the piece. 

4. No sending written work via email or a file transfer service unless requested. Please use the link to our form at the bottom of this page. The BroBo Edit is supported and hosted by SpiceCo.

5. All payments are non-refundable.

6. Send all editorial correspondences to the, or through our contact page. Please alert us immediately upon any sign of discrepancies in this beta service so as to amend them immediately.

7. Pieces sent to us for the BroBo Edit are not being considered for publication in the upcoming edition of The Broke Bohemian. This is a separate service. Writers may submit the same work to the current call for submissions, though there will be no indication in the response emails as to the status of the piece submitted for the upcoming edition. As a separate service, we will respond to each email accordingly.

8. We urge our writers receiving feedback to take all critiques with a grain of salt. We will never work to belittle someone’s writing, and our intention is never to criticize or judge a writer’s religious beliefs, personal experiences, level of education, or walk of life. Getting edits back can, at times, be difficult to receive. If you feel it needs to be explained in a reply, then the piece may need to convey what you’re attempting to explain a little differently. We are strangers to you, people of the public, giving you our straightforward analysis.

9. It is important to note that pieces sent are being critiqued and reviewed simply by staff members of The Broke Bohemian. We do not profess be English gurus. We are in the business of helping you, the writer, to clean up some of your work and to give our thoughts as unbiased editors. We want to see you succeed, and give a little something back to charity while we’re at it!