An open Letter to the Google Engineer PHD

Hey you, 

Your privilege is showing. 
Oh, but I’m one of those left liberal snowflakes
You know, 
One those dreamy-eyed idealists
Believes any change is good even
If it's unstable kind of people (your words)
Way to generalize, bro. 

In your esteemed and pragmatic brain
With your quality book smarts
Trying to prove neither right or left was in the clear
You showed your own alt right leaning Pinocchio strings

I reiterate
Your privilege is showing
And guess what
I used to be just like you
I refused the word feminism
I wasn’t privileged or racist
And just couldn’t see the golden ticket
My pasty porcelain afforded me

But I changed
I opened my mind, not my mouth
I listened instead of looking for any flimsy defense
I watched instead of writing a 10-page diatribe
That can be summed in a few words
“Boo hoo, life’s not fair”

You wanted so badly to show how logical
How smart
How unbiased you were
You came down from your ivory tower with slabs
Of roughhewn granite on which were chiseled
The commandments of privilege you just had to loosen
On us lesser beings
Like the Millennial Moses 

  1. Thou shalt be a dick
  2. Thou shall write a manifesto and send it hurtling through Silicon Valley
  3. Thou shall think the white man is persecuted
  4. Thou shall see any attempts at equality, i.e. mentoring programs, as a threat and only promoting the racial and gender bias they try and combat
  5. Thou shall find no better argument against feminism and equality than “men and women are just biologically different” 
  6. Thou shall refuse to see that equal pay is necessary because women and minorities can’t handle the taxing, high profile, status commanding jobs of CEOs and bigwigs like the white man
  7. Thou shall always have a reason why police brutality is justified
  8. Thou shall carry Tikki torches as a show of intimidation
  9. Thou shall value human life so little and sling slogans of hate just to fit in
  10. Thou shall generalize and stereotype at every conceivable opportunity

You, sir, are the reason I grind my teeth
And feminists rage
Educated, pompous, blowhards like you
Who think you can just flippantly dismiss hundreds of years of hard evidence
With a few pages of questionable statistics that sound more
Like the ravings of all the lunatics convinced
eugenics would solve everything
That slavery was economically necessary
that women possessed a wandering womb
Convinced Immigration is our biggest threat
When it's ignorance

Check your words
Check yourself
But I know this will fall on deaf ears
Julian Assange is waiting with a contract and open arms
I don’t think there’s much you could do stunt yourself further

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My name is Kay Vandette and I am a freelance writer and author. I am a recent initiate into the world of poetry, only just having seriously started performing and writing and works that follow the flow and lyricism of poems. I try and twist modern language with my love for the lyrical to create poems based on authentic experiences that have shaped me as both a person and a writer. I want to thank you for allowing me to submit and share my work.