Ser Bohemiu/To Be A Bohemian

Ser bohemiu
nun ye chumar absenta.
Ser bohemiu
nun ye alquilar un pisu
nel Quartier Montmartre. 
Ser bohemiu
nun ye paecelo
per aciu d’una moda.
El bohemiu
ye comu la borrina:
toos saben que ye borrina
menos ella.  

To be a bohemian
is not to drink absinthe.
To be a bohemian
is not to rent an apartment
in the Quartier Montmartre.
To be a bohemian
is not to seem it
due to a trend.
The bohemian
is like the fog:
everybody knows
that she is the fog,
except herself. 

Xe M. Sánchez was born in 1970 in Grau (Asturies, Spain). He received his PhD. degree in History from the University of Oviedo in 2016, he is anthropologist, and he also studied Tourism and three masters (History / Protocol / Philately and Numismatic).He has published in Asturian language "Escorzobeyos" (2002), "Les fueyes tresmanaes d'Enol Xivares" (2003), "Toponimia de la parroquia de Sobrefoz. Ponga" (2006), "Llue, esi mundu paralelu" (2007), "Les Erbíes del Diañu" (E-book: 2013,paperback: 2015), "Cróniques de la Gandaya" (E-book: 2013), "El Cuadernu Prietu" (2015) and several publications in journals and reviews in Asturies, USA, Portugal, France and Sweden.